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October 1, 2004
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The Imperialistic Thought by erisdoll The Imperialistic Thought by erisdoll
The complete title is “The Imperialistic Thought for their Unexpected Demise” this is one of my plates for Sir Austria’s Digital Mysticism . It is highly symbolic and I would gladly explain each aspect of the artwork if asked.

Will not be able to reply to you immediately but I will in due time. please bear with me :)

Theme: To illustrate the mysticism found during imperial China’s downfall while incorporating the digital elements.

Sources: Most of the images were either taken by myself or scanned, however, though enhanced and manipulated, the following pictures must be noted for their sources. The mechanical hairpiece was taken from Spiderman2’s Dr.Octopus tentacles (screenshot). The Box was taken from a picture on Ebay for auction (permission obtained from the owner). The Abacus sillouete was taken from Getty Images (royalty free).

On a lighter note: That's me !!!! that's me ;)

Edit: So sorry I changed it .... it's not obvious cuz it's technically the exact same thing but I had to buy the freaking box from ebay and take the exact same pic , got my uncles abacus to pic and created tetacles via Maya ..... HELL but everything has to be original for this darn contest . GAWDS!!!!
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richard-chin Featured By Owner Jun 11, 2007
amazing use of textures
erisdoll Featured By Owner Jun 27, 2007
thank you XD
Reidsan Featured By Owner Feb 26, 2005
Nooo! Don't TELL me what the picture's about!

I love this. I do. The only problem is that it's too big for my monitor.

Yes, you are going on watch.
erisdoll Featured By Owner Mar 22, 2005
hahaha thanks ;)

well some people like the bg on it :D so anyway .....

er you can always look at the preview pic ..... don't really want to make it smaller just in case my computer crashes again ;)
KittyD Featured By Owner Nov 14, 2004  Professional Digital Artist
Absulutly beautiful! :jawdrop: :worship: I am tottaly in love with it! :heart: :+favlove: The textures, the coulors, the composition, they all work toguether to form a stunning masterpiece. Too bad there isint a print of it for me to put in my wishlist...
gravewell Featured By Owner Nov 4, 2004
(ooops sorry...something dumb happened. I accidentally clicked on the submit button while trying to close other windows XD :rofl: )

where was I...ayun! - pointless kasi this is an artwork you critique for it's depth on multiple levels AND how that depth is conveyed with just the right balance of subtlety and consistency.

So instead I'll critique this on how, say, me, as a typical bystander (who has never heard your explanation) told to take time reflecting on the work would digest your work (or more accurately, what it's saying). And I figure I could demonstrate that more clearly if I stated my inferences/interpretations in the order in which they first came. I'm doing this so you can tell for yourself whether your plate did what you intended it to do.

1. "Imperialistic...aloof, snobbish empress pose..."
2. "Steel horns on head...evil empress..." (see # 7 :D )
3. "Ghostly, slightly scary hands holding/cherishing what seems to be a very precious box..."
4. "precious box = wealth? jewels/trinkets? wealth=power? maybe power? fragile sense of having power? "
5. "oh so those are tattoos...beasts...guarding the box...guarding something precious?"
6. "queen of hearts card so out of wait maybe just to emphasize the royalty theme?"
7. "wtf...those aren't horns they're ock arms...oh there she said it LOLZ"
8. "mech arms in head...robotic way of thinking? robotic...unyielding...stubborn?"
9. "binary background...prolly for digital feel..."
10. "for awhile there it seemed the box had a little pet perhaps that wants to get out but unfortunately bratty empress with clawed hands is guarding it selfishly...carries it like a trophy..."
11."Imperialistic thought, unexpected demise...could it be, ok bratty empress is actually about to die, yet holds on to cherished box as if it were the most important thing."
12."Oh...fu*k. Ok, imperialistic...bratty queen about to die....holding onto box of...power...? Sh*t...last vestiges of power...empress...empress Dowager!? (it does look chinese)...oh sh*t, sh*t...ah... *recalls The Last Emperor* .... AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAHHHHH!!!! :w00t:
13. *moment of gradual enlightenment* :D
14. "Teka...san yung unexpected demise? san yung hint of dying? hmmm...san yung hint na matatapos na yung reign of heaven/mandate of heaven Oh wait, tange. Kaya nga pala unexpected demise XD - prolly why there's no hint of their time ending. Pero didn't they have it coming...? No wait - they refused to believe it was coming. Ayun. Way to go dood hehe XD. So prolly not really as in unexpected, more like in denial...or resenting the idea of their inevitable doom...."
15. "pet in box...LOL possibly the last emperor trying to get out as a kid? puweeeede... :D "
16. *few more moments of letting the insights flow in*
17. "refused to believe their time is at an end" - ayun kaya stubborn, unyielding...heaven's will and all that...puweeede..."
18 *same as 16*
19. "OMG pwede ring...the last emperor/pet in the box was so cherished because...(baka safeguarding it)'s their last claim to power..."
20. "tattoos...beasts guarding the last emperor?" baka military...those who wanted him out of his place of power? nah doesn't make sense then why would they be painted on hands that seem to guard the box? Juxtaposed images? On the guise of guarding pero...Malabo..."
21. "Yoko na. Still have work tom. Urgh headache..." :rofl:

There :D Honestly, this was how I derived the meaning given your explanation. If you've noticed, I really didn't get your inputs on the card, the make-up , the abacus I didn't notice XD, the earrings, the hair, nor the trim, though I think you wanted us to notice the card because it's in the cleavage area...? Dunno, maybe reading too much into how you depict them XD

So yeah there :) Honestly for a plate, and although I'll never be able to relate since I haven't been in that kind of class, it did pretty well. The critical prerequisite for this to work though is your viewer has to have more or less a background on Chinese History ^^;

And well, on a final note, and not just to kiss ass, but for one brief moment, you did seem to do it like Dave Mc Kean ;) :headbang: (that, or I just really haven't see that much digital art yet XD )

Oh God gotta sleep... :sleep:
gravewell Featured By Owner Nov 4, 2004
Wow. (I'm trying to say that as profoundly as I could XD )

I knew hindi ako nagkamali when I chose to watch you.

Lots of artists here have talent, no doubt. But only a few could imbue that much depth and varied symbolism in their artworks. Karamihan eye-candy lang. May kaunti, kunwari may hidden meaning pero more often than not it's really just juvenile angst or shallow romance. They'll latch onto any sentiment or idea that seems cool at the moment.

If you're expecting critiques to the digital aesthetics - medyo pointless na, IMO.

So instead I'll critique
mizutamari Featured By Owner Oct 7, 2004  Student Filmographer
I am positively SPEECHLESS! This is MASTERFUL! So many different levels and meanings! STUNNING WORK!
erisdoll Featured By Owner Oct 7, 2004
Thank you :D :D :D :D hahahaha .... had to have diffrent levels.... our teacher in this class is an evil godforsaken bastard :evilaugh:
mizutamari Featured By Owner Oct 8, 2004  Student Filmographer
well I think your layers work UNBELIEVEABLY well together, especially with the color palette...
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